Finally a shot of my belly

I realized that I have not taken much pictures of myself since I got pregnant.

I think I should start taking more pics now, and start making a compilation and see how much my belly grows each week. I noticed that baby is making a huge growth spurt, getting bigger and bigger each day.

This is me at 22 weeks. Before this I got many notes from people saying that my belly is quite small, but that actually depends on what I am wearing. If it's a flowy and loose shirt, then the bump looks really small. I get annoyed at first, but now I think they can’t say much because baby is starting to make a point.

I bought this pregnancy book called “You: Having A Baby”, and now I am at the delivery chapter. To be honest it’s quite scary, but I am quite happy with the information because at least it helps me expect what may come.

The tricky part for me now is the contractions. From my readings, some pregnant moms do get Braxton Hicks as early as 22 weeks, but for myself, I am not sure. I am really not sure of how it feels like, so maybe some of you could help shed some light?

For sure, I am experiencing some discomfort at my pubic bone area now, but from my readings (again), I get to understand that it’s just my pelvis trying to make room for delivery soon, and it does affects the pubic bone. Well I am going to check with my obgyn tomorrow anyway, just to be sure.

Aaaah…the good feeling of weekend is already dawning on me. I like. *grins*


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