22 weeks

5pm has become an official snacking time for me, especially in the office.If i do not do so, i will end up so hungry on the way home and i started to feel like eating a storm. Which, will actually trigger a very bad heartburn.

That's a chicken sandwich, drizzled with chilli sauce (yeah i know thats a lot :P)

I have learned to eat timely. But in small portions.I think that way works best for me now.

I am at 22 weeks now. See the ticker? Its slightly past halfway. Gosh time flies soo fast! Feels like it was just yesterday that i saw the double lines on the stick.

Baby has started to move more frequently these days. Poor hubby has not yet got the chance to really feel it, but he will soon. Yesterday was the first time i saw my belly literally "moved" due to baby's flailing and kicking.Or maybe, she is just as excited about the World Cup as me :D

Speaking of which, i am rooting for Argentina this year. But there are other teams who are playing well too, including Germany of course. Spain is playing against Swiss tonight, my bet, Spain 2-Swiss 0. We'll see.


Fathiyah said…
kte sokong german =) ngehehe
rina said…
SHE?? yeay!

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