Malaysia is celebrating its 50 years of independence. I am proud to be Malaysian. But, i have no plans for celebration,yet (hopefully).

Ugh...My social life needs a boost. I have not met my close friends for a while, and with the celebration coming up i really miss them. Usually we are one of the people who are very supportive of the Merdeka celebration is UTP, we even joined the national car convoy back in 2005. We did not mind being silly, and it was fun. Hey girls...wish u all r here. or wish i could live in KL like you all do! It is not about working in KL that appeals to me the most, it is just that at least i can keep in touch better.Seriously, if i am a SIM's character, my social meter would definitely be at the red.

Anyway, i will try and find something to do this coming Merdeka eve. Its a complete loss if i do not manage to, because i am really not sure that i am going to celebrate Malaysia 100th Independence Day.

I was driving to work last Tuesday, and like usual i tune to Fat Fabes and Ruben on FLY FM. The topic that morning was MANGLISH. They were saying that you are a true Malaysian when u can speak MANGLISH well. Which, sorry Dewan Bahasa, is what i agree to. People was calling in and suggesting a lot of phrases, which made me laugh the whole way to work....let me list out what i can remember..

1) Come come eat- a direct translation of "mari2 makan"...

2) Two two can - the numbers can be replaced, depends on how many..its a direct translation of "dua2/tiga2 pun bleh"

3) That fella aa...- my colleagues use this often.Especially when you are annoyed with someone.

4) Where got? - mana ada????

5) See how la.. - tgkla macam mana....

6) Later ho? - i think this originates from Chinese words..good for excuses..haha

7) Where somemore? - use this when when you expect more, or when u want to use the word "lagi?"

8) "lah" word - this is the most common word, its as if your sentence is not complete without it. i always use this, subconsciously. sometimes i even blurt it out when i was dealing with people from other country.

9) Can a? - boleh a? I think its a mixture of Malay and Chinese.

and other lots more which i cant recall. People may say its a pencemar bahasa, or whatever. But you gotta admit its another thing that makes us Malaysian. Anymore interesting Manglish to share?


aku slalu jer TERtambah lah ckp ngn canadians..mmg x leh tinggal la, rase cam x lengkap muahahaha
rina said…
'i just want to see see first' <-- selalu guna masa window shopping
'can meh?' <-- boleh ke?

Happy Merdeka Day yuni!
wak said…
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laily said…
u forgot 'what to do' as in apa nak buat, and also 'got whatttt' = ada apaaaa.

hahha, manglish is the new language yo.

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