Artistic side of the family.

I got news from DenHaag,Holland (thats The Hague in English). Mama and Akila has been in touch with their artistic side lately, they have been representing Malaysia in a function over there by participating in a traditional dance. Mama was once an active dancer in her school years, but Akila...nahh..i dont think dancing is her cup of tea. Mama told me she was kinda stiff. Haha. Plus she also got some keras kepala attitude so i do not think that dancing goes along very well with that.Anyway, at least i got some of the grace from mama, and i am quite sure that i can dance better than Akila.

Akila (second row from front, first from left) wearing her usual moody face

Mama gracefully dancing to the music ( 2nd from right)

I wish i was there. Maybe if i was around i could join them as well. Aha..I am not that graceful but heck, i dont think those Mat Salleh care that much.Ngeh3.


Emri said…
lama tak jumpe diorang..

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