Same blog, a brand new year.

I am in a state of confusion. I just upgraded this blog into a Google account and all i see is some Japanese fonts on my screen. How am I supposed to understand the buttons and links?? What helps me now are only the familiar icons!

Uhuk, camana nih..Can somebody help me change the language preference?

Anyway, i have started working again today. Came back from KL yesterday by driving on my own again. Thank God the road was clear.

Aidiladha diz year was quite boring. I went to spend raya at my aunty's house in Seremban. That raya night me and my cousins hit the mall in Seremban 2, only to find that we are not the only ones spending raya at the mall. It was crowded, we did not even find seats to dine.

The next night i went home to KL with my bro.Only after 15 mins leaving my aunty's place, some s***ty driver suddenly rammed my car from behind! I heard the screeching noise from behind, but i was so helpless as i do not have any space to avoid that stupid car. What i did was just pray "not my car,not my car" and BAMM!! oooh yess, it kissed my car. Darn.

My whole bumper broke,but did not fell off. And that guy's car, far worse. It had to be towed, and the hood was broken into 2. Padan muka..Naseb baik my car can still move, coz the next day i was supposed to head for Kuantan.

I filed for police report the same night and now waiting for the verdict. Only then i can start repairing my poor but tough Myvi.

What a way to start a new year.


sarahtebuan said…
sian plop kete myvi..sebaik aku sempat nek masa dia tgh perfect :P
no effense
Ayuni A. said…
huehueh..tu ah pasal..wuwuu
rina said…
ngape 2 org yg ku kenal yg myvi nye baru pakai sebulan-dua bulan, 2 2 pon di cium bontotnye?
fyi, kak mawar punye myvi pon kena cium gak after 1 months+ guna.

nasib masing2 eh, nway, sorry to hear that, and be careful ye.

n selamat tahun baru!

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