It is Friday again. Another weekend..but this time i think it would be quite boring coz my roomate will be going back to KL..other housemates will move out, which will leave me with another one housemate. But i do not think that she will make a good company, coz she's just the type that minds her own business.

Unlike her, i need someone around for me to escape from boredom. I just cannot stand being alone too long, even a friend that can lepak with me watching TV would be enough. At least i have someone to laugh together to any ridiculous movie or advertisement.

Anyway, i have to live with it. So i basically have my own plans this weekend. Doing laundry, of course, and if the weather is nice enough i will wash the car. It is getting dirtier that poor thing.
Last week i went to town alone, but i wonder should i go again this weekend. Maybe i could hit the cinema, a friend says Blood Diamond is nice. Hopefully i will find someone to go with, but if there is none, i think i would go alone.Ehehe.

Sometimes i miss enjoying the weekend with my family. Back in those days, usually at weekends i just stay at home. Most of the weekends i spend with papa,mama and Akila. Sat and Sun evenings we all would just hit the mall, and have dinner somewhere.Maybe it sounds funny considering that i am already a 22 year old.But i really enjoyed it. I think that i should be spending as much time as i can with them, coz when the times comes for me to leave home and move in with someone, those times could possibly not happen again.


intanfareha said…
yun..sudah besar kamu!!and i really understand the feeling of being..aku kecek je sorg sorg..hehe
Ayuni A. said…
whehehe..:P aku tanak jadik budak besar. jadik budak kecik lagi baek! heheh
erinchunk said…
hihi..samalah..kat uni pun every wikens balik..duk kt bilik tak tahu nak buat apa..balik umah leh tengok tv..lepak2..jalan2..makan2..altho ngan family,but its fun..maybe kita ni family person kut :P
sarahtebuan said…
ohoo..mish n famili jer ye..n hosmet tak ye..majuk la ginin..
jez tiba2 tringat zmn kt UTP time kite g tgk movie ramai2 shadapianx, kita dua takleh tgk muvie dua org sebelah, kalau tak satu panggung dgr suara kita hukhuk mish u gurl, esp bila tgk muvie, dat memories remain..

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