First post from BASF-Petronas~ yeeha

Its my 3rd day working in BPC, and i get to update,but i have not got my own Internet connection from my workstation. Terpaksa tumpang Diyana's kom to update.

Anyway, life has been a lil slow paced here in Gebeng. The house i am renting is not very cozy, coz we are sharing 7 persons a house. Quite a number if you see the house yourself. It is corner lot but it would be the best with only like 3,4 person around. I am planning to move out with my current roomate Anis, into a much better place. Insya Allah, perhaps by end of January. The house would be a lil bit far from Gebeng, but i think we can manage.

My new workplace is also quite peaceful. Being in Perodua made me compare the plants, well of course, it is obviously different when you compare a manufacturing plant and a chemical plant. It is totally different. The most obvious difference is that in Perodua there are like a damn lot of people moving around and doing their jobs, here, there are less people. All you can see are massive and quite complicated structures, with flares and smoke and tanks. Plus a very peaceful and quiet surrounding. And not to forget some hunks with a maroon jumpsuits ( hehe, bee jgn marah ye =*)

I had my first free dose of Hepatitis B vaccination today, and i am glad. BPC have a very strong emphasize on health, safety and environment. They even offer free vaccinations to their staffs. I am yet to get my influenza vaccination this Thursday, Insya Allah. And it is also for free every year. It is good thing, coz i really like to take advantage of free medical services. Hehe.

Everything is settling down now, and i am comfortable with the pace.


Anonymous said…
yunn, akhirnya g petronas jugak mu eik, huu. perodua cakap mende?
weezerie said…
hey!...good luck kay!!!

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