A final post from KL.

I am in a cc nearby my house. Just now i went to Coffee Bean again to get internet connection on papa's laptop, but to my disappointment i did not manage to log in. Huhu. All 3 accounts of that so damn big cafe is occupied. Wth. Besar gile kafe but only have 3 accounts? So i just wasted some money to get good food that i did not plan for. Especially with my tight budget. Isk.

So tomorrow i will depart for Kuantan. I got the map, got the address, and i hope i will not get lost. It has a looong time since i went to Kuantan, i can not even remember how the place looks like. Well maybe a little, but not so significant. I have not packed yet, maybe tonight. Hehe.

To be honest, i am a little bit nervous, but also a little bit excited. Lately i have learned so much how to be independent, and tomorrow would be another lesson. If papa and mama is here, i am sure they will be sending me off. And of course maybe we will singgah to Cherating or Terengganu for a holiday.

Huu, now i miss them again. Sob sob.

Got to go now peeps. Until then, i will update from Kuantan. C ya.


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