Long due.

Hello people..~

Finally i get to properly sit down and blog again. Ni pun i tumpang my aunty's house nearby..I wanted to set up internet in my home but for now, there are some things that do not allow me to do so. Nantila dulu.

Anyway, there are really a lot of things i would like to blog about. But then it wont be a blog, it will turn into a story. Haha.

I am already in the 2nd mth of my training in Perodua.. Nak masuk 3rd month even. Everything has been really hectic, especially last month where i was attached to 2 service centers for On Job Training. But then many things I have learned during the process, i even drove to JB. With my Kancil. Hehe. Nasib baik sampai.

Raya is just around the corner. Frankly nothing much have been prepared, baju raya pun just pakai yang tempah last few months. Should be fine kot. Dah keje ni the enthusiasm is not as strong as when i was in my childhood. Anyway, looking forward to go back to Kelantan this 22nd. Will be spending about 5 days there. Nak makan nasi berlauk kelantan..yeah!~

Haa, i am planning to change car. Am strongly considering Myvi, to replace the Kancil. Think that it is time to change, lagipun i am a full time driver now and have the tendency to travel a lot. Huhu. Papa gave greenlight already and I am really happy. Heheheh. Will blog about it more if i have time.

Oklah,i think i stop here. Cannot turn this entry into a story. Thanx for visiting, and i will always try to update later =)



HafizChan said…
kelisa kurang manis 2...kaw kaw punya ok...
Imran said…
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Imran said…
i meant to say..

yeay,tukar Myvi,at least its good for a couple of service periods and after some time u'll feel like driving a lawnmower instead of a proper car..

do you get employee's discount?

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