I am in my Kampung Halaman~

Today is raya 2nd. Being an adult now, 2nd day raya means getting back into normal days. No more waking up and rush to the shower and dress up with the 2nd persalinan of baju raya.If there is openhouse only then i will change into a baju kurung, if not here i am with a simple tee and cotton pants.

Back in the younger days i always plan what to wear on raya 1st morning, evening and what to wear the next day and the next day..yadayada. Haha.We even had raya pajamas!

I am blogging from my uncle Chik house somewhere near Pengkalan Chepa, Kota Bharu. I just arrived here the day before yesterday, on a yellow bas tambahan from KL. Nasib baik got bus, and it was permitted. If not i am probably stuck in Ampang right now. Anyway, it is good to be here. After a while tak balik kampung, this time i will make sure that i do not waste this chance. The best thing about my kampung is the food =) I finally satisfied my craving of kueh jala mas, that sweet yellow thingy that taste like sugar from heaven. Ngaha.

Raya this year also is raya without papa,mama and Akila. This is the first time in our lives (me and bros) raya without papa, mama and Akila. Well, to be honest i really missed them but then things are quite hectic here, ramai orang and such, which somehow occupies me. But if u leave me alone i could probably cry. Huhu.Papa Mama and Akila called yesterday which at least lessen our rindu to them. The Netherlands raya early one day before us coz they follow the Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, raya is still meriah like usual. Since my parents are both Kelantanese, me and my bros have lots of relatives to see. Tonight we will be spending the night in Tok Mama's house ( papa's mum), after spending the nights before in Tok Wan's place (mama's mum).

We will travel back to KL this Friday night. In the meantime there are a lot of things i want to do over here. So have a very happy Hari Raya everyone and enjoy the holidays~~=)



Imran said…
yun..aku jumpe uncle jazri kat WA..dia cakap dia kenal ayah koe..pastu dia kenal ko jugak..dia paling ingat adik koe.."mata lady"...hehehe

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