I am all engine-ered.

One of the perks of training with Perodua is that you get to do Automotives the fast way. For me it is something that is really valueable because in just 3 weeks you get to know many things about cars, especially Perodua cars.

During the Product Knowledge lessons i was awed to find out many special things about Perodua cars. There are things these cars have that i never knew before, and of course, now i do not mind having a Perodua car around. Haha.

We were also taught intensively about engines, including DVVT. Now i know what DVVT is all about. Next week we are going to overhaul an engine and experience some hands on lessons before being attached to a service center the following week.

By the way we also had a plant tour last week. My goodness, rupa2nye the plant was so big and we all actually walked like 5km without realizing it. That was also another valuable experience because i got to see how a car is actually being made. Eventhough i ended up with some blisters ( because i was not wearing good shoes), the tour was nevertheless fun.

I am off to exploring my Perodua Kancil now =P. Toodles~~


KEF said…
Seems like spanking fun =)

Keep well now!
intanfareha said…

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