4 days after.

I am at home this weekend.But,since i started work in Perodua, i dont really have access to Internet. So,updating will be very ocassional.

Anyway, working is so tiring. Everyday get up early, and come back late. Adus, not something that I am used too. Even when in UTP i never really did that. And now, after only 4 days, i find myself sleepy as early as 10pm.

Being a Management Trainee in Perodua was not as easy as i expected. Now i am slowly feeling the pressure, but then i hope that it would be only as much as i can take. Expectations are something that i truly fear. And i mean high expectations. Especially from the top management. And that also means that you cannot make mistakes. Well at least you should try not to. Coz people are watching and keeping both eyes on how these Management Trainees do. There are actually 15 of us, so we are so easy to spot, just from our innocent looks and blurriness. Plus the working culture in Perodua is quite strict as the Japanese. ( Toyota have shares in the company, so u knowla).

Somebody said that when you are too cautious you could also stumble. And the aftershock would be far more greater. So what should i do? Well, i decide to just be me. As long as i can put on my white uniform and dispose my plates after meal at the corporate cafe, then i think Insya Allah all will be OK.


Wieda Jaafar said…
hi yunayuni..
i just received a call from perodua rawang yesterday..invited me for 3days assessment for MT post.n i wll b there at a hotel, sumwhere in sh alam by 9-11aug.. i am desiring to get this position..any tips to be succeed in this assessment days?

thank you..

best regard,

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