Ouch again.

Lama dah tak update. Internet slow gila here at home, so i was always delayed.

Anyway, it's Friday again, and it is the last Friday of July 2006. Which means that next week i will be officially starting work with Perodua in Rawang. This Sunday i will be checking in the apartment they provided in Bukit Sentosa, near Bukit Beruntung.

Then again it means that my life as a free-timer is about to be over. To be honest i did not spend my free time very well. One of the reason is the lack of financial means. Haha. So i just lepak at home while learning how to cook, and sleeping and watch the TV. I was thinking about going to the Pussycat Dolls concert, but of course i did not make it due to the same reason stated earlier. Ahh, but not to forget, i spent quite a time with my old friends too, thanks Effa blanje makan :P

I have to start packing now. Like mama said, i have to separate all my belongings, which one i would be taking to Bukit Sentosa, and which one i want them to take to my rent house in Bukit Indah, Ampang. Oh, i think i did not write about the new house yet. Basically it is an apartment i will rent out to live in,after Papa and Mama leave for Holland. I will be living with my 2 brothers. Aduh, sedih plak nak kena tinggal..Huhu..

Got to go now. Until later.


Emri said…
u masuk apartment ahad ni, i pun masuk apartment ahad ni. adakah kita masuk apartment yg sama? hihihi:P
sronok kn mkn org blajer...yum yum
HafizChan said…
Holland pulak doh lonie? Huhu, keje nanti leh blanje classmate, kalo nak kawen sound awal2 skit.:p
Ayuni A. said…
hai korang~ :P

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