I am joining PERODUA.

Last week was one of the most hectic week i have ever had in my life. So therefore, i haven't had time again to update.

Anyway, since everything is done, here i am blogging again. Where should i start eyh..

Well actually last Monday and Tuesday i was off to Genting Permai Resort for another assesment by Perodua. I was actually invited for an interview the week before, and after the interview and test i was called again to attend a 2nd assesment over there. It was kind of like a "kem motivasi", with all that training and activities, but more challenging, since we all are practically trained to think ( the post is for Management Trainee so no wonder)..The 2 days was brain-exhausting..

As we all travel home from Genting, the people from Perodua actually SMSed us rightaway to inform us about our status. It felt like the Apprentice a lil bit, to be honest. Haha. Anyway, Alhamdulillah, i made it to the next stage, where they actually want us to go to Rawang (Perodua HQ) the next day.. can u imagine, after penat2 the whole 2 days then kena pegi Rawang pulak to see the Managing Director himself!

Nak tak nak, terpaksa la pergi. So the next day, 19 of us, out of 29, was selected for the next stage. From the way the training people put it earlier, we all thought of the meeting with the MD would be more challenging, yela, that would perhaps be the last hurdle before we all are selected to join the company. After waiting for a while over there, we are all then directed to a small hall on the MD floor..

Lor, rupa2nya it was just an evening with the MD. Like having tea with him la..We all introduced ourselves one by one and then required to talk a lil bit about a topic that was assigned to us earlier. Tu je..buat cuak jer they all ni..At the end of the event, barula we all knew that we all made it. Fuhh, lega.

So here I am, waiting to start work in Perodua this August. Got another 3 weeks to go and laze around before the real game begins.. The thing that worries me now however,is PETRONAS..Dunno whether they will release me or not. They have all the advantage now, if they call me for work then i have to sign off from PERODUA..God please ease the way..Huhu..


KEF said…
Congratulations :)
Ayuni A. said…
hee..thanx dear =)

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