US forward ready for World Cup "war"
taken from: The Star Football Everyday : World Cup 2006

US forward Eddie Johnson dedicated the do-or-die clash with Italy Saturday to the American soldiers wounded in Iraq whom he visited at the military base in Ramstein at which the squad are staying.

"They made you feel like heroes. They were touched by us taking time out of our day to say hello," Johnson said.

"It's like the World Cup. We're here for a war. We're representing our country. We know they are watching us and counting on us."

"Whenever you put on your jersey and your anthem is on, and you're going against another country, it's like a war," he said.

The US certainly have a battle on their hands as a defeat to Italy coupled with a Czech Republic win over Gahana would send the Americans home.

Ughh, enough with the warmongering! Can't they relate the games to something else? Huhu..


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