I smell CON.

Yesterday i got an email from Keneve Group of Companies, inviting me for an interview with them next week. I applied for the post of "Management Trainee Executive" through Jobstreet. At first I was hesitant to go, but Papa told me that it would be a valuable experience. Mira told me to do some homework about the company ,so I tried googling it.

The first hit was the companies official website. Keneve is actually a subsidiary of Cobra Group. Some marketing, advertising solution provider company. Then I clicked at Lowyat.net forum in the results list,and found out that the topic was :

ALERT: Cobra Group companies, Ads & Tactics

Wtf?? Curious, i just scrolled down the forum and read on. To my astonishment, apparently this company is infamous with their conniving methods. Many people have been deceived with their appealing job advertisement, offering an overseas training and an attractive position. D'oh! I am SO glad i googled this company, and I am safe from wasting money and efforts for their interview. Believe it or not, they say on the interview day they actually take you to certain places and ask you to beg like a salesman. ( Part of the test la konon). Wth?? They also actually use the term "Management Trainee Executive", but the intended job is actually to be a "Sales Personnel". Know more about this deceptive company here.

Well, this is not the first time I barely escaped such thing. About 2 months ago I was offered to be model for this company called TFS Creative. I was approached in KLCC and some days later they called me and invited me for an interview. Before going I tried googling the company and I also found out that they are also a company that tricks people.Mula2 memang la rasa bangga, not everyday average people like me being offered to model. But then, no wonder... They do not need to find a perfect candidate, because you have to go through a costly training first before you can actually model. Their terms is that you have to attend a modelling course at some hotel somewhere, part of the fees paid by them, but, you have to pay for the makeups and get your own 3 inches stilletos. Still, it would have cost me more than 500 bucks, because the stuffs they want us to buy is quite costly. The modelling course is for real, but then, i don't have the time and money! Haha. There are actually people who agree to proceed with it, but certainly not all people can afford that all the time.

To be frank I was actually quite a gullible girl, kinda naive somewhat. But not anymore. I have learned to be more alert with what is offered to me now. There is really no such thing as free lunch in the world today.


n.u.r.u.l said…
huiii giler tipu offer cemtuh..kureng tol..seb baekla tak pnah bace pon sume offer lm jobstreet or jobsnmore tuh tau..dah hilang interest sbb most of them nak experience..waa kena hati2 pasnih~

btw, offer to model? sounds good bebeh! eheh but if it was me who got offered, then it was definitely a bluff, ehehe..tgk tinggi pon dah tau..kalo org tuh tipu nak offer kite pon kire cm bengongla..hahaha..

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