Hey there.

I am back. Haven't been updating for a while due to some things. One of it is the lack of access to Internet.

Firstly i would like to announce that I have unofficially finished my Bachelor's Degree =) .Alhamdulillah. Yep, finished the last examination paper last Wednesday, and God knows how relieved i felt that day. It was kind of sad too a lil bit, knowing that i am going to leave the campus soon.

Anyway, still got one more presentation to go, about my Final Year Project. So far everything went well and I am happy with my project. Presentation is scheduled for another 12 days, so I have plenty of time to kill. Ngehehe.

Went back home last Friday to just hang around, and i just arrived back in UTP. Need to do things not yet done, before leaving for good. Home was getting more and more spacious, since Papa and Mama are gradually 'letting-go' the furnitures before leaving for Holland. And Akila has more space to run around.

There is only one thing I am looking forward to right now.


The ads and promotions all around really lifted my spirit! Arfah already told me that she is into this season, and I am ready for lots of sleepless nights at the mamaks around! Yeah!!


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