Sometimes we are just not thankful enough...

And i meant thankful with what we have in our transitory lives.

Everyday we wake up from a blissful sleep and straightaway start our hectic day.Sometimes we don't even have time to sit and thank God for the new day.

I woke up for Subuh prayers today around 6.45am, with heavy sleepy eyes I forced myself to feel the cold water for ablutions, did my prayers, folded the prayer mat and straightaway curled in bed again.

By the time I was done it could have been around 6.55. While I was climbing back on my bed, miles and miles away, thousands of people in Yogjakarta, Indonesia are experiencing traumatic moments. At 6.55am. And I was just about to have another good sleep...

I never knew about it until I saw a friend's YM status and read Utusan Online. Apparently, an earthquake have striked again in Indonesia. This time it was 6.2 on Richter's Scale and it lasted for about 57 seconds. Afraid of another tsunami, thousands of them rushed in panic to find higher ground. The authorities have detected that the epicenter of the earthquake was in the middle of the Hindi Ocean, 37.6 km from south Yogjakarta. By the time the news was posted, it was estimated that 3000 people died, and 200,000 lose their home.

Pics are courtesy of Utusan Online

I just cannot imagine the chaos, nevertheless experiencing it myself.

God has given us much comfort and blessings here in Malaysia, but we always forget to thank Him.

May He also give more strength and perseverance to the people affected. May they will eventually find their way to regain strength and continue with their lives. Amin.


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