Reality check.

Ahhh...the serenity and cool air of dawn~

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Views from the room ( Other residential blocks)

It turned Maghrib just now and I can see the hills in shadows from here..I love the view from my room. You see civilization with a backdrop of nature. It's kinda serene to me.

Just starting up to continue my thesis once again, Dr. Abas would like to go through it tomorrow before we submit it to the External Examiners.

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Come to think of it, i have barely a month to go before leaving UTP.. Just have to go through another 3 final exam papers, a thesis submission and a final presentation, and then I am free to go.

Gosh, I better start capturing scenes around the campus now! With me in it of course..Aisehh...I even missed out the chances to take pics at the lecture hall. What was i doing?? It's not like I am coming back for another classes next semester.

D'oh ,Yuni. Wake up!!~

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LaiLy said…
ey minah, finally updating eh? :)

i still remember when we used to cycle right before maghrib, we made our way gi V3, V4. how envious we were with the seniors...

4 years huh? it didnt feel that long. i cant really digest the fact that u're graduating soon... lagi sebulan, go n fill up ur cam to the last kbyte!
Ayuni A. said…
tu ah. aku taleh digest lagi dow.argh.

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