It is confirmed...

Just got the news yesterday when i called home. Papa and Mama and Akila are leaving for The Hague, Netherlands for a new posting this August. And they are leaving me, Alefee and Aderi in Malaysia.

Wahhh...nak ikut!

*Sigh* Well, means like it gonna be another 4 years of no Papa,Mama and Akila again. We are a nomadic family. We never stay in a place more than 5 years. Kinda get used to it already anyway, since Papa's job requires him to move around the world.

I really wish that I could follow them and live in the Netherlands. But...since I am graduating this June, I really have to stay and work here in Malaysia. My friends suggested that I go and work in Europe, but after giving a thought, i really don' t think it could work. It's not like i don't want to, but there are some things that can't be avoided, as well as some priorities that can't be altered. The only thing in my mind is how the hell i am gonna spend time long enough to travel Europe when I start working. Could be that i have to wait quite long to get to have a long holiday.I dunno..

So many things to do after I finish studies this June. Apart from settling down the graduation with PETRONAS and UTP, i have to help Papa and Mama pack-up. Then i have to search for a job, and find a decent house to rent and call it home.Then there comes the Convocation and by the time they all fly to Netherlands, i should have a place to stay already.

Looking at the brightside, Mama is leaving behind many of the house appliances to me, and Papa is leaving the Kancil( Kancil pun jadiler..adeh). And maybe the Astro and the big TV. Heheh.

But the most important thing is, i have to take care of my brothers. I wouldn't worry much about Alefee, since he is old enough to live his own life. But Aderi, hurmm..hope i do not have much trouble taking care of him. Well, you know, teenagers. I just don't want to be another Mama, and yet make sure he do not cross the line.

Yeah, hopefully things will turn out fine.

I can handle missing my family, so I think other things should be fine too.


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